Aim for the Stars

She set her sights
On those distant lights
To the firece dream that rattled and span
A turbine in a tin can
Set against the labels wrapped
And wound around her heart trapped
And ignored the questions
Asked of her –
Aren’t you too young
Do you have permission
Never in history has it been done
But only solved and worked and overcame until one day she was finally ready to soar
She left her doubts staked to the sticking mud
And felt the tiny spark explode inside her
Flashing with desperate, joyful life
Her thirst grew with her strife
For more than a lifetime spent
Following the plans of others
Meeting the expectations and rules
Set by those for whom no spark grew
Who had sold their fire for a certain fate
Replaced the pen of their desire
To write their destiny on a blank wall
With a cracked and repeating pattern
Wallpapering over the holes
Yawning in their souls.
She kicked into ignition
Her passions her skills
Her fear and her love
And felt the vertigo of freedom
As the bleak figures lost their grip on her
Their angry shrieks and empire of passé passing away.

#poem #spark #fire #AimFortheStars #forher #Dawlish #Devon #Graffitti


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