Travels and Ravels: West France

La Rochelle and Angoulême

Apparently you internet types want more pictures and less words (or maybe just less words full stop?), so I will try my hardest to not say anything off topic.

August in France really needs no justification.

Minime Beach, La Rochelle

Minime Beach, La Rochelle


A portrait of a Tourist

This is what I look like as I wander around France – I’ve learned a few tricks from my father who is a technical expert in The Holidaymaker’s Suitcase problem, where an understanding of quantum space manipulation comes in very handy to push rucksacks and cars to the limit of what they were made to carry.

About to leave La Rochelle for Angouleme and then 2 months in Cognac region.


So I was in some lovely cities like La Rochelle…


La Rochelle. Drool.

I spent a lot of time on the beach.

The La Rochelle Touch Rugby team do some games.

The La Rochelle Touch Rugby team do some games.


And then it was on to Angouleme…


There was something amazing about the light in Angouleme. I’d found similar effects of the summer sun on my previous locations, but here the stonework was as gorgeous to look at as the sky. None of these pictures are tweaked after taking (though a camera by definition does interpret light so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it really was this stunning).

From the museum, through a window = reflection 😦

I was only here for four hours, most of which was spent walking up the huge hill that is the centre of Angouleme! The comic museum was worth the walk with all my stuff though, even though I’m not really a comic book reader.


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